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Savvy Congress|
16 april 2024

An event with a purpose is an event with a return on investment (ROI).

From a highly refined registration form built into your existing webpage or one we built for you, to a fully incorporated platform with live interaction; you name it, we make it!


With handy tools and our platform, Savvy Congress delivers more data not only for online or hybrid events but also for physical events. With this data, you can see whether your events were a success; not only for your company but also for your participants.


Through a survey after an event, or even during the event, areas for improvement will come to the surface sooner, allowing you to act quickly to achieve success.

An evaluation with our team after the event will highlight the points of success and can discuss the points of improvement of the entire event so that it will be a bigger success next time.


Besides, it is also possible to receive a full report of the event so that one can review how the vote went, for example. This will be, of course, fully AVG-proof.

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